The tour details for the Six Bridges Rally:

Duration of the rally:

The rally lasts 16 days.

For participants who do not want to start in Germany, the rally lasts 11, 8 or 5 days, depending on the section.


Length of the rally:

The rally from Solingen to Solingen is about 6000 kilometres long, depending on which route you choose. But you can also just drive a section and then get on at one of the bridges in Italy, France or Portugal.

Start of the rally:

The start will be on 09.09.2023 at the Müngsten Bridge Park in Solingen.

For participants who do not want to start in Germany, the rally will start on 11.09., 14.09. or 19.09.2023 at the respective bridge.

Destination of the rally:

The Müngsten Bridge Park will also be the finish on 24.09.2023.

For participants who do not wish to travel to Germany, the rally will end on 21.09.2023 at the Garabit Viaduct.

Touring vehicle:

Any car or motorbike older than 15 years may participate in the rally. Electric cars may also participate without age restriction. It must comply with the road traffic regulations, have a valid MOT for the duration of the rally and have a regular number plate, a season number plate or a red number.


Participants per vehicle:
As many passengers per team may be registered as the car or motorbike has registered seats.


Ihr bekommt am Start ein Roadbook von uns. Darin sind die Strecke, Ziele und Aufgaben, die Ihr während der Rallye erledigen sollt, beschrieben. Fahrt die Strecke, wie Ihr sie möchtet, erledigt die Aufgaben, die Ihr möchtet. Die Rallye soll Euch gefallen und in Eurem Tempo stattfinden. Alle Aufgaben zu erledigen ist nicht unmöglich, aber sehr sportlich.


The route leads through 9 countries, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg and Belgium. We recommend that you drive on country roads unless otherwise specified. You want to see something of the country and its people. The roads are 95% asphalt, but there are also stretches over gravel and potholes. The routes are long and strenuous. It can happen that a daily stage means that you are on the road for 10 – 11 hours.


We ask you to do without navigation systems and GPS devices. You don’t need them. Drive by map, it’s much more fun and the rally becomes more of an adventure. The maps should be on a scale of 1:100,000 or 1:150,000.


Whether you go glamping or wild camping, sleep in the car, stay in a hotel or opt for bed & breakfast is entirely up to you. The main thing is that you are rested the next day. The daily stages are strenuous. However, it is not possible to book in advance; you will only find out with the road book where the destination and thus your sleeping place is.

We recommend that you always book your accommodation for the next night during the course of the day. This can be done easily with your smartphone.


Shortly before the rally, you will receive a package from us. In this package you will find your stickers with your start number and the rally logo, as well as a rally T-shirt per participant and other merchandise.



There will be receptions at all bridges and our big Europe party (incl. BBQ and DJ, limited DR booking possible at a special price) near Bordeaux. For the arrival in Solingen we have of course come up with something special. Let us surprise you!


We would like you to collect donations for a project of your choice. Whether it is a children’s hospice, an animal shelter or an environmental organisation is up to you. As the Müngsten Bridge is very important to us, please donate 20% of your donations to the Friends of the Müngsten Bridge World Heritage Site. The association urgently needs your support. IBAN number DE05 3425 0000 0001 8805 74 at Stadt-Sparkasse Solingen, subject “Six Bridges Rally”. The association will also issue receipts for donations. Ask your friends, ask your employer, ask other companies, the more you collect, the more good you do. The amount donated will also be included in the final result.

Award ceremony:

You can’t have a rally without an award ceremony! That’s why, of course, we also have prizes for the first three places. These places are determined by points. You get these points by completing tasks from the road book (1 point per successfully completed task).

But there are also points for the age of your car or motorbike. The older your car or motorbike, the more points your team gets (year of construction 2007 = 0 points, year of construction 2006 = 0.1 points, year of construction 2005 = 0.2 points, 1950 = 5.7 points, etc.).

In addition, for every 1,000.00 euros donated, 0.2 points will be added to the final score.


We will enable you via smart-tracker on your smartphone that your families, friends and colleagues can follow you at the rally and see where you are at any time.

With the kind support of www.findpenguin.com.

Participation fee car:

The participation fee for the entire route for a car with two participants is EUR 666.00. We charge EUR 150.00 per additional team member.

For the teams joining us in Italy, France or Portugal, we charge EUR 444.00 per car with two participants and EUR 100.00 per additional team member.

Participation fee motorbike:

The participation fee for the total distance for a motorbike with one participant is EUR 525.00. For a further passenger we charge EUR 150.00.

For teams joining us in Italy, France or Portugal, we charge EUR 350.00 per motorbike with one participant and EUR 100.00 per additional passenger.


If you have any questions about the rules and the tour in general, please feel free to contact us.