Registration closed – start in Müngstener Brückenpark, Solingen, on September 11th, 2021, from around 10.30 a.m.


11th Sept. 2021 to 26th Sept. 2021

The Müngstener Brücke in Solingen is the highest railway bridge in Germany and was built over 120 years ago. The technical wonder of that time is one of the landmarks of Solingen. For this reason, the city of Solingen is trying to achieve UNESCO World Heritage status for the Müngstener Bridge. So that the chance of success is higher, they have joined forces with 5 other large arch bridges and jointly submitted an application.
We, Timm and Marc, want to support our city in this and are therefore organizing a vintage car rally across Europe in September 2021.
Of course the route leads past all 6 bridges, so it goes to Italy and via France and Spain to Portugal and back to Solingen. It is planned that our Italian, French and Portuguese friends will join us during the tour and ride parts of it. It’s not about reaching top speeds. More like a cultural and fun scavenger hunt through Europe. Over passes and mountains, through deserts and forests, to world heritage sites and untouched nature and of course, that is the most important thing, for fun. Do you feel like going along? Then look for one or more passengers and a car and register. The rules and conditions can be found under the item ”Tour“.

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Marc und Timm

The bridges are the Ponte San Michele near Bergamo, Italy, the Garabit Viaduct near Ruynes-en-Margeride, France, the Viaduc du Viaur near Tauriac-de-Naucelle, France, the Ponte Marie Pia, the Ponte Dom Luis I. both in Porto, Portugal and last but not least the Müngstener Brücke in Solingen, Germany. The large arch bridges, as they are called, were all built at the end of the 19th century. Among others by Gustave Eiffel.

Greetings from the patroness of the Six Bridges Rally

Letter from the Lord Mayor:

Tim-O. Kurzbach
Lord Mayor of Solingen

Translation of letter of Tim-O. Kurzbach, Lord Mayor of Solingen:
Date: 16th October 2020

Six bridges in four European countries want to become common world heritage. Solingen is working closely together with the responsibles of France, Italy and Portugal to realize this great idea.

Timm Kronenberg and Marc Baehr want to promote this project in their own way: they are organizing the “Six Bridges Rally 2021”, which will connect all six bridges. It will be driven in style with older vehicles, because even the bridges are no longer the youngest.

As Lord Mayor of the city of Solingen I would be very pleased if you would support them in their matter – there are no limits to your ideas.

From bridge to bridge – connecting Europe.

Warm greetings from Solingen in the Bergisches Land region.

Tim-O. Kurzbach